Lalakuza Gambling

No thoughts, wallet empty

Note: The house will not participate in games involving pots (456, Lalakuza Roulette) but they will collect 10% of each pot for their hard work!


For this game you roll (/random 6) 3 times. The goal is to get a better combination than the other players
Hard 456 (4>5>6 in order) = Instant win
123 in any order = Instant loss
Soft 456 (456 out of order) = Highest Point
Triples and Pairs = Points
Hard 456 > Soft 456 > Triples > Pairs
If you get a pair the number outside of the pair will be the number of points (6-2-6 would be worth 2 points).
If multiple players get triples the higher number is the winner.
If the game ends in a tie then the players who tied can decide to either split the pot or play a tiebreaker round.
If you don't get any of the combinations on your first set of rolls then you get two more chances to get a combination.
If you still don't get a combination after all three attempts then you're out of the game.
Every player will roll /random 99 at the beginning of the game to determine the order.
Note: A Hard 456 (in order) is an instant win and cannot be contested by any other player. Similarly if all other players are out of the game then the last player wins by default without having to roll.
Record Pot: 75,200,000 gil

Lalakuza Roulette

Lalakuza Roulette is a game for 2-6 players where the last player standing wins the pot!
Players will form a circle after placing equal bets with the dealer and roll /random 99.
The player that rolls the highest will get the first turn and the game will continue clockwise from there.
Turn 1 will roll /random 6
Turn 2 will roll /random 5
Turn 3 will roll /random 4
Turn 4 will roll /random 3
Turn 5 will roll /random 2
Turn 6 loses by default
If a player rolls a 1 they will be "eliminated" by the dealer and the next player will restart from Turn 1.
The game will continue until only 1 player remains.